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March 31st, 2029

12:00 pm - Izhilzha's FanFiction Sticky Post
Welcome to izhilzha’s FanFic Sticky Post!

I've written a lot of fic in at least 21 fandoms. Everything that's been posted to the 'Net is here, to the best of my knowledge. I'm a genficcer who loves the canon of her shows, so unless otherwise noted these fics are gen and canon-compliant. (I've marked anything AU, and the few het fics I have are marked with the pairing.)

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me decide how to organize this post, with a special nod to kalquessa, who earned herself a shiny hat as Queen of Word Count for all these stories.

Master List Of Fic Covering 21 FandomsCollapse )

Other Places My Fics Are ArchivedCollapse )

If you spot any errors or broken links, please comment or PM me. Enjoy!
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April 9th, 2016

03:21 pm - Fan fic recollections -- AKA oh dear, AO3 formatting...
So I'm finally getting around to fixing formatting on some of my fics which I transferred over to Archive of Our Own a couple of years ago. I went back to read a couple of old fics (as you do -- err, as I do, anywa) and realized that they had serious formatting errors or were, in a couple of cases, actually missing paragraphs from the end!

So I'm going through them all, oldest to newest, and it feels like reliving a bunch of my younger years. I was a good deal more tuned into some characters' baggage than I thought; not always as good a writer as I thought; sometimes much better than I remembered.

It's a very fun exercise, overall. And only a few of the fics, so far, need any serious edits in terms of missing content or formatting.

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February 29th, 2016

07:34 am - SG-1 Fic: Q is for Quitting
Q is for Quitting, by izhilzha (PG)

Summary: Letters written and never sent, from one team member to the others.
Word count: 1,352 words
Characters: Mini!Jack, SG-1 classic team
Era: Classic team, post-Daniel's return
Categories: Future-fic, canon compliant, mini!Jack, angst
Author's notes: Post-“Fragile Balance” fic; spoilers for that, but not much else. Brief reference to non-canon, non-team romance.

Q is for QuittingCollapse )

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February 28th, 2016

08:36 am - SG-1 beta sought
Hello out there!

Anyone free to beta a three-page SG-1 fic today? It's for the Alphabet Soup ficathon and is due tomorrow (yikes!) It's set post-"Fragile Balance" and I mostly just need someone to tell me whether it makes sense or not. :P

Post here or message me.
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November 9th, 2015

07:48 pm - 10 Books to Read in 2015: A Year of Biblical Womanhood
I'd been meaning to read Rachel Held Evans' A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband 'Master' for a while, but never got around to it. I think this was partly because I didn't want to revisit some of the stricter doctrines I grew up around and partly because I wasn't sure what to expect.

Here"s two things this book is not:Collapse )

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September 1st, 2015

09:02 pm - 10 Books to Read in 2015: The Glass Castle
Thank you to my church friend Kristin for recommending The Glass Castle to me!

Going in, I knew this was a memoir--that journalist Jeannette Walls had kept her childhood secret for many years. I also knew that this is the only book that comes up if you search “Joshua tree symbolism” (which I did while researching my upcoming tattoo design). That's all I knew.

It's rather far from the “unmasking terrible parents” type of story that I assumed it would be. Walls pulls no punches describing the choices her parents made as they raised herself and her siblings, but she also tells the story from her own perspective. Adult Walls still remembers, vividly, her father's birthday present of allowing her to name her own star, the family dreams of the “Glass Castle” which would be funded someday by his get-rich schemes, the art her mother painted and the games she played with her sisters and brother.

This makes the book complex and, at times, difficult to read. There are no simple judgments here, but neither are there excuses. I was vividly reminded of some families I met growing up, whose parents were likewise eccentric (though not by nearly so much!) and yet loved their children profoundly.

If I had to boil it down to one theme, it might be that family can be the most powerful influence in one's life. Family is something that shapes you and cannot ever be entirely escaped... and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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August 5th, 2015

09:38 pm - 10 Books to Read in 2015: Lean In
As a working woman, I've had Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead hyped to me with great enthusiasm. That's probably why I didn't bother to read it until now.

I am about to hype it to you, as wellCollapse )</lj-cut

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July 30th, 2015

05:31 pm - 10 Books to Read in 2015: Song of Ice and Fire, Book One: A Game of Thrones
Once upon a time, Robert Jordan's A Wheel of Time drew me in and then drowned me in the bog of its over-serious men, caricatured women and soap-opera fantasy plotting. After I gave up on it, I backed off sword-and-sorcery for years, and when friends mentioned A Song of Ice and Fire, I politely declined to read it. Especially when they said it had interesting “politics,” which might be my least favorite thing to read about.

A Game of ThronesCollapse )

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05:26 pm - 10 Books to Read in 2015: Anathem
Oh, geez, I forgot to crosspost this when I put it on Facebook! Sorry, guys. On the plus side: you'll get two for one now.

Anathem, by Neal StephensonCollapse )

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May 5th, 2015

07:07 pm - The Sentinel news, you guys!
I just got an alert from TVonDVD.com--the only one I ever set with them, years back.

More seasons of The Sentinel are finally coming to DVD! Check it out! Looks like there's no release date yet, but it's one of the shows being put out later this year.

Whee! I'm excited, can you tell?!
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