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March 31st, 2029

12:00 pm - Izhilzha's FanFiction Sticky Post
Welcome to izhilzha’s FanFic Sticky Post!

I've written a lot of fic in at least 21 fandoms. Everything that's been posted to the 'Net is here, to the best of my knowledge. I'm a genficcer who loves the canon of her shows, so unless otherwise noted these fics are gen and canon-compliant. (I've marked anything AU, and the few het fics I have are marked with the pairing.)

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me decide how to organize this post, with a special nod to kalquessa, who earned herself a shiny hat as Queen of Word Count for all these stories.

Master List Of Fic Covering 21 FandomsCollapse )

Other Places My Fics Are ArchivedCollapse )

If you spot any errors or broken links, please comment or PM me. Enjoy!
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May 5th, 2015

07:07 pm - The Sentinel news, you guys!
I just got an alert from only one I ever set with them, years back.

More seasons of The Sentinel are finally coming to DVD! Check it out! Looks like there's no release date yet, but it's one of the shows being put out later this year.

Whee! I'm excited, can you tell?!
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April 21st, 2015

08:35 pm - 10 Books to Read in 2015: Wise Blood
Wise Blood by Flannery O'Connor

“There was already a deep black wordless conviction in him that the way to avoid Jesus was to avoid sin.”

If this quote arrests your imagination--even if you can't understand why, even if it offends you--then you are the target audience of Flannery O'Connor, Gothic Southern writer extraordinaire. She is, in her own peculiar way, a preacher of subterranean faith--the kind of faith that is so much bigger than our own understandings and neuroses that we cower from it, terrified.

Wise BloodCollapse )

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March 24th, 2015

09:48 pm - 10 Books to Read in 2015: Letters to a Young Poet
I bought a paperback copy of Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke in a used bookstore when I was at university in Canada. It's a very thin book, and yet I never got around to reading it. I carried it home to Oregon, from there to Los Angeles and through two different apartments before my marriage. And now I have finally read it! (In the end, with the help of a loaner copy when mine got misplaced during our move, thanks to my RL friend S.A.!)

Letters to a Young PoetCollapse )
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March 18th, 2015

07:14 pm - 10 Books to Read in 2015
Wow, this is more than two months late. I wanted to get the rest of my 2014 reviews up before I posted it, though; and I have already started reading through this list, so there will be a couple of 2015 reviews later in the month.

This is slightly different than in previous years; I am, for example, including one book which is are-read. I am also not carrying over all five of the books I didn't get to in 2014, only three of them. Nevertheless, I am keen on all of these!

10 Books to Read in 2015Collapse )
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March 3rd, 2015

10:01 pm - 10 Books to Read in 2014: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
This is the last book I managed to read off my 2014 list. Hope I do better in 2015!

Anna KareninaCollapse )

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09:36 pm - Stargate SG-1 fic: Q is for Questing
Title: Q is for Questing
Author: izhilzha
Category: Gen
Word Count: 2130
Story Notes: This takes place in... late season four, maybe?
Also, it was written for Gen Fic Day: Time Travel Alphabet Soup
Summary: Only SG-1 would travel through time based on the calculations of an extinct people. I mean, really, what could go wrong? Especially when you desperately need it to go right?

Q is for QuestingCollapse )
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February 27th, 2015

09:16 pm - To Mr. Leonard Nimoy...
Sir, I always hoped that I would get a chance to see you in person, perhaps even shake your hand. Star Trek was my first fandom, and although I had moved on to other iterations by the time I started having proper crushes, there's always been something about your Spock that drew me in. That moved me, that spoke to the part of me that felt caught between one side and another.

I treasure that. But I also know you were a deeply creative person; a photographer, someone interested in the spiritual, and an actor far beyond just the bridge of the Enterprise. Some of this I've watched or read, some I haven't yet.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of it. For living and speaking and creating and being kind to your fans and reminding us all to live long and prosper.

Thank you. We'll miss you.

Sarah Izhilzha
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February 26th, 2015

07:37 pm - 10 Books to Read in 2014: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
Yes, I'm still catching up on these reviews. :) And soon there will be another list of ten--for 2015.

Daring GreatlyCollapse )
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January 27th, 2015

11:13 pm - Looking back at 2014 and forward to 2015
This is being posted nearly a month into 2015. It's late because I've been pondering 2014 and now I feel I have a few things to say about it. Without further ado, here are four lists: two for the past year and two about my hopes for the next.

5 Things I Learned in 2014Collapse )

5 Things from 2014 that I am Grateful ForCollapse )

5 Goals I Have for 2015Collapse )

5 Things I Hope to Practice in 2015Collapse )

May each of you dare to dream this year, dare to be brave, dare to rest, dare to make mistakes and to try new things and to tell someone you love them. May you, and me, and all of us live a little more in 2015.

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