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Skip this post if you don't want vaugely spoilery CSI speculation - Light One Candle

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April 12th, 2007

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09:25 am - Skip this post if you don't want vaugely spoilery CSI speculation
You know, I've given up on looking for/looking at spoilers. Mostly. I still drop by TVGuide.com and read Ausellio's spoiler report every now and then. He does try not to give away the really important stuff.

As a disclaimer: the speculation behind the cut is just that, speculation. And given that the fans have been needlessly twitchy for the past few seasons as to whether various cast members are going to stay or leave, this will probably prove to be every bit as silly.

When asked for CSI scoop unrelated to 'ships (heh), Ausiello responds: the [Miniature-making Serial Killer]'s next (and final?) victim will look very familiar to viewers. "It is somebody we know well," hints executive producer Carol Mendelsohn. "Somebody who has been around since the first season." My guess? That "somebody" has a contract that expires in a little over a month.

Huh. From what I've heard, everyone in the main cast (ie, in the opening title credits) has renewed their contract already, with the possible exception of Jorja Fox. So "someone who has been around since first season" gets cut down to the rest of the recurring lab tech, and... Ecklie?

Not that we've seen Ecklie even once this season. (I'm vaguely tempted to write fic about why he's suddenly backed off on micromanaging the lab; I imagine it would have to be something pretty big in his personal life, to interfere with his ambition.)

I'm not exactly nervous about anyone I like a lot getting murdered. But I am getting terribly curious. Anyone else want to help me list characters who are still around and have been since first season? I doubt we'll guess, but it's kind of fun to try.

New CSI tonight, as well! The lab rats get their day in the spotlight. :-)
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Date:April 12th, 2007 08:58 pm (UTC)
A woman at work thinks it will be Sara. I've been ready for Sara to leave for several years (and no, this does not have a connection to my dislike of GSR). Several seasons back, when the season finale promo was "CSIs will lose one of their own" [insert dramatic music here], and it was actually the black detective that got killed during a bank robbery (I was *so* bummed about that. I liked him!), I was prepared for Sara to be the one to be killed off. Then there was the contract dispute . . . last season? Again, I was ready for Sara to leave. So, yeah, I'm prepared for Sara to go, for good or for ill.

It's not that I don't like Sara as a character, but of all the regulars (read: people in the opening credits), she's the one I think I would miss the least.

Now it is true that they need a solid, well-adjusted female in the cast (more than one would be nice). I think that's why I like Sophia so much. She's strong, she's got personality, and she doesn't--as far as we know--have "issues" that get in the way of her doing her job. Even when she doesn't really like her job (like when she was a CSI), she still gives it her all. She and Gil totally need to get together. ;-) Or at least show some nice friendship bits between them.

Hm . . . now that I think about it, Gil needs a Sophia like Don needs a Megan. How's that for obscure TV analogy?
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Date:April 12th, 2007 09:40 pm (UTC)
Well, I just read an interview with Jorja which implies that she has also renewed her contract. Heh. So we'll see--it may not be Sara. (Goodness, imagine the oodles of angst if it were, though? From episode titles, I'm guessing that the 2nd-to-last will be the ep with Lady Heather, and that the miniature killer storyline may be resolved in the season finale. Don't quote me, though.)

I'm not prepared for Sara to go, actually. I really like the character (read: I sometimes identify with quite a bit, as you do with Don), and it's nice to have a truly geeky girl on the CSI team. Cath likes her science, but seriously, she's not a geek.

I'm not even going to get into the Gil/Sara vs. Gil/Sophia thing right now. Gil/Sara is currently canon, so.... And much as I like Sophia, she sometimes grates on me a bit (sometimes due to her unplacable accent--isn't Louise Lombard a Brit?). Her interplay with Brass, and occasional bonding moments with other CSIs are fun, but I could lose Sophia and not care all that much.

Lab techs who have been with us since season 1: Archie, Bobby, David (Assist. Medical Examiner), was Mandy (isn't that the fingerprint gal's name?) around back then?

I won't guess, I'm sure. But it's still fun.

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