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Welcome to izhilzha’s FanFic Sticky Post!

I've written a lot of fic in at least 21 fandoms. Everything that's been posted to the 'Net is here, to the best of my knowledge. I'm a genficcer who loves the canon of her shows, so unless otherwise noted these fics are gen and canon-compliant. (I've marked anything AU, and the few het fics I have are marked with the pairing.)

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me decide how to organize this post, with a special nod to kalquessa, who earned herself a shiny hat as Queen of Word Count for all these stories.

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Girl on fire

Women's March L.A. (and elsewhere)

I took the subway to downtown L.A. this morning with some friends to march for women's rights and human rights. You guys, it was amazing--so many people came out, and there was such a positive, supportive atmosphere to the whole thing. People were being courteous and gracious and helpful and kind and peaceful, and there were hundreds of thousands of people all marching and standing and rallying together!

And it looks like the same happened not just all around the U.S., but all around the world. Check out these photographs of marches all over the globe.

My heart is full. I'm actually crying. <3

Merry Christmas!

A little late for most of the world, I realize, but I know I've been absent from this space and wanted to come back to wish everyone a happy holiday and a blessed New Year.

2016 feels heavy right now (especially with Carrie Fisher in the hospital), but my life is full of grace and of people I love and who love me, and even when there is sadness and conflict, I see hope coming and want to be part of bringing it into the world.

So, now and always: God bless us, every one.

Having the courage to look at the world one's own way

Thought courtesy of Flannery O'Connor's essays on writing: it is the artist's job to look at the world and write what she sees, whether that is a mirror of society or connections between human action and some greater truth. She cannot write what people ask her for, nor what social pressures attempt to impose on her, but what she actually sees. That is her gift, if she will use it. It is remarkable how a couple of sentences could show me how scared I am to actually do that.

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fight evil read books!

10 Books to Read in 2016 -- Lilith by George MacDonald

I've read MacDonald's work throughout my life, from his fairy tales and Phantastes through his realistic novels and even his sermons and essays. I hadn't read Lilith yet (I think I picked it up in a library once and was put off by the creepy atmosphere). I totally thought it was written before Phantastes, but the Internet tells me it was written almost 40 years after!

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