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Mini-update with writing goals

So, my "real" post. Heh.

Okay. I'm slowly recovering from a lovely vacation in the Eastern Time Zone, visiting whitemartyr, and also V.-who-has-no-LJ. *blows kisses to both* There was much fun had, not least of which was me getting to see fireflies for the very first time! They're so beautiful and random, glowing construction-light yellow, and so mellow; catch one, and it'll just crawl around on your hand, flashing on and off.

I came back to work, where supposedly I was to get my new job description. I haven't yet, and I can see it's going to take me actually going into the Upstairs Boss's office and asking her about it point-blank. *sigh* I hate doing stuff like that.

And $$ is going to be very tight for the next few weeks. And I still have to pay my friend my share of the room for the SD ComiCon! Ack!

A pay raise would be lovely right about now. :-)

I also came back to the 6-month meeting of my writer's group, which has caused me to think about my original writing goals again, and also my ficcish writing goals.

Original writing goals for the next six months:

Finish a rough (very rough) draft of my fan-convention murder-mystery screenplay.

Replot and finish at least one draft of my CSI spec script "Bluebeard."

MAYBE: create an idea for a Numb3rs spec script.

Fic-writing goals for the next six months:

Participate in the next Finish-a-thon.

Participate in NaNoWriMo in November; finish the Sentinel novel I started last year, and possibly prep another project in case that one doesn't take 50,000 words to complete.

Keep working on the Numb3rs/Sentinel plotty crossover that is currently eating my brain.

Keep up with the LICC serial Never Fade Away.

Finish at least one of the short Numb3rs fics that I've started in the past few months, not counting any of them that are voted into being by the Finish-a-thon.

*sigh* Okay. That's a lot. I'd best go have lunch and get on with it. :-D

Oh! Oh! I have the Ninth Doctor DVDs! Amanda and I bought them on sale. We are thrilled. We have plans to watch them very soon. *bounces giddily*

One more very minor fannish thing for SG-1 people: I had no idea Sam Carter was fond of Singing in the Rain when I gave that to her as a movie choice in that crazy character questions meme. That's...I'm astonished I guessed so well. Floored, really.

Okay, all, as you were.
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