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Huh. I'm not usually pre-cog.

Okay, wow, that's 3 posts already today.

I've been feeling out of the loop at work again, re: my own position and job description. I was told something would be ready when I got back from vacation, and Upstairs Boss said "Friday we'll talk," so of course we didn't. Talked to my dad this weekend and he said to give them another week at least, and I was really not feeling that I wanted to, but he's smart, so I just buckled down to work this morning.

Last night, though, I'd had a dream where Upstairs Boss came into my office, sat down with me on the floor all chummy-like, and started explaining my new job responsibilities to me. Very good dream. Encouraging. But just a dream.

Till about ten minutes ago, when Upstairs Boss walked me back to my office, then told me that the evaluation is half-way through, and waiting for Big Bosses' approval of my new salary (wheee!). And that later this week she would schedule a time to go over all my new responsibilities.

More info in 2 minutes than I've gotten all year.

Heh. I don't usually have dreams get reality-echoed within 12 hours of having them.

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