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Yay! I have my new job responsibilities! I'm not going to be bored at work for while, I can guarantee that.

I was the Assistant to the Accounting Department, which had basically devolved into a kind of "floater" status. Now I am an Accounting Coordinator, which means I'll be working with the billing and paying, and doing research for our newspaper clients and so forth in all areas of the department. I get to work with two cool co-workers (both guys, but both very nice).

I'm going to have to handle calls from newspaper people, though. Eeeeep. This should be giving me more pause than it is, frankly, because I hate handling anxious/annoying people on the phone, but right now I'm giddy enough with information that I don't really care.


My work life now feels like it has, you know, meaning. Goals and everything. And I start training for the new stuff on Monday.

Party tonight! Well, no, I think I'll wait on that till I know I've gotten my raise--my actual evaluation isn't complete yet.

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