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Question re: WIPs

All right. I have only finished a few long fics in my life, and none of them have been posted as WIPs. Mostly, this is because I would be quite embarrassed for the fandom at large to know that I had started a story and then been unable to finish it, for whatever reason. Also, until very recently, I had not even tried to read WIPs (with the exception of fernwithy's HP fics Shifts and Shades), because I am not really that patient. :-)

Lately, however, I've picked up a few Numb3rs WIPs. Two of them have been finished while I was reading, and it was fun to wait for new chapters and post encouraging reviews at various points in the story. The downside would be that the story I love most has been put on hold about 2/3 through because of an RL emergency. *sigh*

I am currently writing a Sentinel/Numb3rs crossover fic, which promises to be long and plotty, and it writing itself in a way my fics usually don't: chronologically, scene by scene.

So I was curious as to what you all think about WIPs, and whether I should consider posting this in parts, and continue writing, and just hope it's one I actually have the momentum to finish...or try to finish it and THEN post, which is what I would normally do.

Comments? Thoughts?
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