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Post '06 ComiCon

I really can't break it all down here, but I took my brother this year, and shared a hotel room with six other people, and we had far too much fun.

One highlight was meeting kalquessa and husband, who are very cool people (Kim and Dan, I totally wish you'd been there; said husband looks like he could be Jon Auxier's cousin/sibling/doppleganger).

Purchased a couple of awesome books: Comics As Philosophy, which is an essay collection that looks very promising, and The Case Against Star Wars, ed. David Brin (signed copy, yay), which looks like a very interesting "discussion" format book taking on the "charges" against the films, everything from "Star Wars has dumbed down sci-fi in the popular mind" to "Women in Star Wars are portrayed as weak." Prosecution, defense, and verdict.

I fell in love with a fannish item of clothing for the first time ever: a lovely, simple, light denim jacket with the Stargate embroidered in gold on the back. Very unpretentious but detailed, with all the glyphs and everything. I wanted it badly--but they had only one left, and it was a size too big for me. *criez*

Am also disappointed that I stood in line to get things signed by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday, and didn't get in. They were only signing for an hour, and Joss was being his usual friendly self (or so I heard) and that meant not as many people got sigs this year. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm back. And tired. More lately, probably.

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