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More notes from ComiCon '06

But first--yeesh, work's crazy today. Finally I got to go to lunch, but it's been fix this, fix that, talk to five different people about the same dang problem multiple times.... Wow. I think I may just go home and collapse tonight. Wouldn't mind a nap right now.

On to a few more things from the Con:

Those of you who are my fellow I-Man fans will recognize this name as that of the actor who played Eberts. He's quite a video-game and TV geek himself, by what I hear (even adlibbing the Farscape word "frell" into one of I-Man's second-season episodes).

I was walking through the dealer's room at the Con Saturday morning,and passed a guy wearing a tinfoil hat (not kidding). I turned to get a better look, and suddenly realized that the guy under the hat was Mike McCafferty.

Like a dork, I didn't say anything. I wish I'd spoken to him or shaken his hand--random chance encounters don't happen all that often, even at the Con. But it was fun to see him!

I wore my Kaylee outfit on Saturday, and was kind of disappointed that up until late afternoon I hadn't had anyone comment on it. It's not that bad a costume, really. :-) Then a girl in an anime outfit yelled "Kaylee!" at me from across the room and gave me a thumbs-up; after the SG-1 panel, a younger gal who looked like she'd walked out of a manga came up and asked if I was Kaylee; and the guys manning the sgcommand.com (props) booth grinned at me and simply said, "Shiny."

But the best was an older guy in the crowd as we waited to cross the street into the Gaslamp district to find food. He called out "Kaylee!" till he got my attention, then asked if he could take my picture. "You're the second Kaylee I've seen today; I'm collecting them."

I'm totally going to wear a costume every year now. Dang, it's fun.

My brother and I are both into SG-1. I helped get him and his wife hooked, so it was fun to check out all the booths with merchandise, etc, and look at signed pictures and props and stuff and window shop.

But he is far more of a Jack/Sam shipper than I thought. He found a 4"x6" (or whatever the standard photo size is) image of what looks like Jack and Sam laughing, at their own wedding (clothes are a dead giveaway). Must be a print of the photo that Alt-Sam has in "Point of View"? Signed by Amanda Tapping and by Richard Dean Anderson.

He shelled out $75 plus tax for this. I had no idea he was that sort of collecting geek. Hee.

A guy was asking for a specific photo, and the lady manning the booth misunderstood him at first. "Is this for Corin?" she asked. Which totally made me perk up; I had no idea Corin Nemec was doing a signing that day. When I asked her about it, she said yes, and pointed out the area where he was.

But we had to go get lunch, so I didn't act on my sudden impulse to go buy a pic of Jonas and get it signed. Dang, I totally should have.

So that was some more fun moments from my Con experience. I really enjoy doing that every year.
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