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Personal Inspirations from a Fandom Source

Before I get into this idea, let me just note that the A/C is out again at my office today. It's 80F on the 3rd floor (where I am, inadvisably dressed in a longsleeved shirt *headdesk*), and over 90F on the 6th floor where our bosses work (needless to say, some of them have already gone home). Geez.

Onto something more interesting.

I'm curious about something. I've noticed that the books and TV shows that I really tend to glom onto, the ones that become part of my mental space and vocabulary for years to come, always seem to arrive at exactly the right time. They're the ones that fit neatly into things I'm trying to figure out about life and people, that give me metaphors and ways of speaking about these things.

Has anyone else noticed this in their own fandom experience?

Here are a couple of personal examples:

Babylon 5 carries a strong undercurrent of belief in heroism and the reality of legends. Something I hated in high school and college (which covers my obsession with this show) was the constant attitude of people around me that the roots of something always had to be less than we make it. That heroism is never *really* heroic, that anything really amazing probably has a sordid or boring "real" background.

Babylon 5 turned that on its head, and made arguments through story for the exact opposite (see the episode "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars" for the most blatant example).

Quantum Leap gave me a way to focus on overcoming fear. I hate doing things I've never done before, I hate jumping headfirst into situations I know nothing about. But I hate all that a little less now that I can say, "Oh boy!" and then jump in. It's almost like a little mantra (in the totally non-appropriate use of that term): it reminds me that the only way to get stuff done sometimes is just to *do* it, and it also reminds me that I agree with the philosophical basis of QL, that Sam is there because *he and he alone* can do what needs to be done at that time and place. And that's a great bolster for courage.

Alias gave me the one female character in media that I can totally identify with. She can kick ass and be all sexy, but she's really an emotionally vulnerable, literate, quiet girl. She'll put everything she loves on the line to save the world...but at the same time, she'd much rather be living a family life with a husband and children and normal struggles.

I would love to hear about the fandoms that have spoken most to you all, and why, and how.
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