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My Flist and Communities

Since I created my LJ, I've friended quite a few people, and been friended by more. It's a lovely thing, having people to talk to and keep up with. But I've noticed recently that I have people on my flist who's posts I almost never bother to read, or whom I don't really exchange thoughts with at this point in time.

Therefore, I am culling a few people from my flist. (Literally, very few.) I don't mind if you keep me on yours, and if you notice that I have defriended you and you wonder why, feel free to drop me an email at my LJ account (izhilzha at livejournal dot com).

I've also cut out a few unused communities I was either watching or a member of.

It feels weird to be doing this, but at least I can thank God that it wasn't preciptated by DRAMA.
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