izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

Quick life/work/writing update

Well, today was pretty good, if odd and unroutine. I finally moved offices/computers at work, as a necessary prelude to actually being trained in my new duties. I also got a half-hour demonstration of some of the new systems I'll be working in. And I finally have voicemail, after 2 1/2 years at this company! *cheers*

No raise yet, though.

I just got my assignment for the Why Can't We Just Be Friends? Ficathon, and am slightly panicked. Out of six prompts, I know 4 fandoms, only one of which have I ever tried to write for, and not for the specified characters! Egad. This'll be a stretch. (I'm actually most worried about getting my hands on materiel for fannish research. Eeep.)

And I really need to get cracking on some of my other writing. *sigh* CSI spec script needs work. Really, really does. And I still have the next chapter of Never Fade Away to finish. I know, jd3000, darmok47, scorptilicus, I'll work on it. I will!

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