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Request for Blake's 7 fans


This is the story of my fannish life, I swear. I hear about a show that sounds interesting (Buffy, Dr. Who, The Sentinel, X-Files) but either can't get at it right away or put it off for some reason (vampires, eeww, etc). Then I wind up reading a fic or two...or three...and realizing that the show sounds even more interesting than I'd thought.

So. Blake's 7. I've poked around and it doesn't seem to be available in any legal form here in the US of A. Please, fans of this show, can any of you tell me where to get some tapes of this show? Or make me copies yourselves? I can, of course, pay for tapes/DVDs and all postage costs.

Geez. My alarm went off this morning, I woke up and turned it off, ready to get up. I turned over a few minutes later (or so I thought), and my clock was sitting there smugly proclaiming: 9:00 AM.


Smug clocks are so annoying. I was 45 minutes late to work. Oh well. I'm having a very decent day regardless! :-)

I'm going to have to talk about Scrubs later--if anyone knows where to find good icons related to that show, I'd appreciate a link!

I hope you all are having fine days!
Tags: blake's 7, real life, request

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