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Best & Favorite SG-1 Episodes

I'm all into Stargate SG-1 right now, and realizing that even in the later seasons, where I find less to enjoy, there are still some amazing episodes.

So I thought I'd make some lists to show you all what I think the best episodes are, and which ones are my personal favorites. (Mind you, I've only seen up through the fourth episode of season 8, no further yet.)

Two-part episodes are being counted as single choices. *g*

Top 24 SG-1 Episodes:

Children of the Gods
Within the Serpent’s Grasp/The Serpent’s Lair
In the Line of Duty
A Matter of Time
Point of View
Forever in a Day
Shades of Grey
Window of Opportunity
The First Ones
Beneath the Surface
Summit/Last Stand
Redemption (1&2)
Paradise Lost
Fragile Balance
Heroes (1&2)
Lost City

Now I'll narrow it down to 10, with a few words of explanation for each.

Top 10 Best SG-1 Episodes:

1) Children of the Gods

I fell so in love with Colonel O'Neill. This is a great pilot, picking up the ideas of the film and expanding them into a wonderful premise for a series.

2) Solitudes

One of the best character episodes, with a clever plot twist, even if it is basically h/c.

3) In the Line of Duty

Who *didn't* gasp in horror when Carter's eyes glowed at the end of the teaser? Talk about WOW.

4) A Matter of Time

One of the best sci-fi storylines the show has ever done; I couldn't believe they handled the time-dilation part of the plot with such deftness.

5) Forever in a Day

I do 'ship Daniel/Sha're, and because of that (and the lovely structure), this episode just killed me. An excellent way to wrap up Daniel's search-for-his-wife storyline.

6) The First Ones

The actor playing the young Unas is fantastic. The entire journey with him and Daniel, and Daniel's attempts to communicate, and the food-sharing scene at the fire ("I met my father-in-law this way....").

7) Beneath the Surface

Wonderful "discover along with the characters" episode, where SG-1's implanted personalities allow them to be other aspects of themselves (at least, that's how I see it).

8) 2010

Future-fic! Omgosh! Really awesome future-fic!

9) Meridian

One of the best character-death episodes on any show I have ever watched. Full of lovely truth about purpose and changing the world, to boot. A painful episode, but I love it.

10) Abyss

Lots of Jack, lots of Baal, lots of Ascended!Daniel, and a couple of conversations that make this episode basically the flip side of "Meridian."

Honorable Mention:

11) Heroes

Now for the three episodes I can watch over and over and over again, without ever getting tired of them.

Top 3 of My Favorite SG-1 Episodes Ever:


The First Ones

Fragile Balance
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