izhilzha (izhilzha) wrote,

My first flat tire. O_O

That subject line feels like the title of a 3rd-grade essay.

I had a fairly good day, but was pretty out of it, too. Tired, a bit headachy. Probably PMSing, etc. I couldn't do laundry because some jerk tried to dye something in our apt. complex's washing machine (yes, we only have one). No one's supposed to do that. But I went to church and figured I could do laundry at a coin laundromat when I got back.

By the time I got back from church and grocery shopping, however, all the laundromats I checked were closed or near closing. The last one I tried after driving in circles for half an hour was going to close too soon for me to bother starting a load. I sighed (I'd given up being upset, though this meant getting really creative for a work outfit tomorrow), went back to my car, and put it in gear to start backing out.

It moved slowly, awkwardly, as if the emergency brake was still on. I checked; no, I'd undone the brake. A mental shrug, and I pulled out of my parking space, but the car didn't want to turn properly. I've never felt that in this car before, so I threw it in park and got out to check the tires.

The front tire on the driver's side was completely flat, rim on the pavement.

I got back in, pulling out of the driving area back into the parking space, and tried my cell phone. No signal. (Damn Cingular.) So I had to get out and use the pay phone at the next-door 7-Eleven store to call my roommate (to let her know what was going on) and then AAA roadside assistance. I bought a drink while I waited for the AAA guy to show up, and then he quickly dug out my spare tire and swapped it for my flat one. I drove home (only a few blocks away).

Now I'm sitting here thinking just one thing (other than exactly how late shall I be for work tomorrow, and what shall I wear since I still didn't get to do laundry): Isn't it weird how the flat tire upset me way less than not being able to get my clothes washed? As if the inconsequential stupidity of the laundry made it more upsetting, while the valid badness of a flat tire makes it less upsetting.

We humans are weird. :-)

So that was my first flat tire.

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