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Random creative musings

And I do mean random. Just stuff in my head from stories I'm working on (or trying NOT to work on, or stuff I'm pondering for ficathons). Feel free to jump in with new takes on these, or comments, or answers....

--Do we know which SG teams are assigned to which specific duties? I'm sure someone out there has a list, and I know, for instance, that we've got at least one strictly diplomatic team (didn't they negociate for SG-1's release in "Prisoners"?), a couple of scientific teams (SG-9? "A Matter of Time"?), and a couple (SG-3?) of strictly military teams. I just don't know who's who. You know?

--Are there any mentions of Cassie Frasier after the episode "Heroes"? I seriously need to know for a fic I'm writing; I don't want to accidentally contradict canon just because I haven't gotten to whatever line yet.

--Can anyone think of ways to strand a couple of people on another 'Gated planet without using any of the ways the show has used? That leaves out: the Gate getting buried (or hit by a meteor, lol); biological containment; the Gate getting sunk; enemy capture/enemy control of the Gate; singular/collective memory loss; broken or lost DHD. Or a way for someone to accidentally get Gated to the wrong planet? (This has to be solvable by Jack in some way, it's not a Carter or Daniel fic.)

--I like stories where we get to see the characters through a realistic OC's eyes. Like dietcokechic's Barista Series. Would you all shun me if I created an OFC solely for the purposes of sending her on a mission with SG-1, and showing them all through a different pov?

Okay, I'm going to stop now, before I start asking questions that will give away ficathon assignments rather than just my own brainwork. Heh.

As you were.
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