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Finish-a-thon Results are In!

And of course, I'm going to be writing the fic that came in second last year, and was the frontrunner throughout the voting (though my Dr.Who/Numb3rs crossover came awefully close to a tie):

Fandoms: Harry Potter/CSI
Description: The CSI team are witches/wizards, part of a new branch of the Aurors who are trained in dealing with magical trace elements, spell identification, etc. Now they've been assigned to investigate the scene of the battle in the department of Mysteries, to determine the exact charges against the captured Death Eaters, the culpability of any of the vigilantes who fought them, and to confirm or deny the presence of Sirius Black during the battle and his role in it.
Type: gen, though I reserve the right to hint at 'ships. Avatar fic, of a sort.
Rating: PG

Well, this is going to require some thorough knowledge of the battle in the Dept. of Mysteries (at the end of OotP). I'll do a close read-through, but if anyone knows of a source online, or has done similar research for a fic or essay of their own, I would love to be pointed to it. (I'll be checking hp_essays and the Lexicon anyway.)

I think I know our CSIs well enough to do the transliteration, though.
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