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Five Things Meme, pt. 1


From kalquessa:

Five things Severus Snape fantasizes about doing but will never actually do:

1. Expel Harry Potter, or whatever it takes to never have to see the boy’s face again.

2. Leave Hogwarts to do pure research on whatever he wants to, Dark or not.

3. Lock his entire Gryffindor class in a time loop (“Let’s see you get out of that one, Miss Granger”).

4. Burn the Dark Mark off his arm.

5. Commit suicide.

From lizamanynames:

Five incidents from the Eppes brothers' childhoods:

1. When he was six, Charlie got caught helping 11-year-old Don finish his math homework. Charlie couldn't understand why the grownups blamed Don for this--Charlie was the one who offered to help.

2. Charlie "ran away" from home when he was 8. Don came and found him at the park four blocks away. Alan still doesn't know anything about this.

3. When he was 4 and his brother was 9, Charlie heard Don complaining that Charlie always got everything just the way he liked it. To prove him wrong, Charlie never told anyone he didn't like pancakes--because Don loved them, and Don should get what he loved when it was in Charlie's power to give it.

4. Junior high was full of sibling rivalry and fighting. After an especially bad week, the boys spent 3 days building a huge architecturally sound skyscraper out of straws and toothpicks. Margaret kept a picture of it tucked away in her jewelry box, complete with their proud smiles.

5. Don's first word was "Mama," so they expected Charlie's to be much the same. But Charlie didn't start talking till he was two, and his first word was "Don" (not that anyone but the family could tell!).

More coming later!
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