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More of that Five Things Meme

From mistraltoes:

Five adventures Larry and Charlie have had that they've never admitted to anyone else:

1. While hiking in Northern California, they came face-to-face with a cougar (aka mountain lion). It was a tense few minutes before the lion went on its way, and Charlie and Larry backtracked hastily to civilization. Larry reported the sighting to the local Forestry people, and they spent the rest of the long weekend working on a new theorem instead of hiking.

2. When Charlie was 15 and a student at Princeton, his mentor, then-grad-student Larry, took him along on an annual student prank. Um, they won't tell me what it was, but it helped turn their teacher-mentor/student bond into a friendship.

3. Nobody but Charlie knows that Larry has also done consulting for the National Security Agency. That's because Charlie, already working on a project for them, talked them into bringing Larry on as well, as a specialist in cosmology (and various perspectives on reality). What project, you ask? Well. Why do you think Charlie's so anti-psychics, and Larry still keeps an open mind? ;-)

4. At a mathematics conference in Santa Monica, CA, soon after Larry moved to Los Angeles and took a professorship at Cal Sci, Larry mislaid his car. Charlie helped him find it in the unfamiliar neighborhood, at night, through charm and dint of perseverance (and some probability equations).

5. After Charlie's live-in girlfriend of 2 years, Susan, left him, Larry took him to the best arcade in Los Angeles. Alan knew that Larry was trying to help Charlie through that first weekend--but they never told anyone that they spent those four days eating in crappy cafes and playing classic arcade games. Larry paid for the whole thing, and afterwards Charlie was so tired that he slept for nearly an entire day. But it worked; after that, though depressed and lonely, Charlie picked up and started to move on.

Hope you enjoyed that, Mistral. :-) I actually want to do your other one, too, but we'll see if I can actually come up with those answers at all.
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