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The New Season of TV Begins

Good thing my roomie knows the TV schedule better than I do; I had no idea the season premeire of House, M.D. was last night, but she taped it for us. *whew*

My overall reaction is: Okay, we understand House way better now than we ever have before, and on the one hand I'm slightly disturbed, and on the other hand I'm turning into Cameron and wanting to comfort the guy.

--Smooth transition over the weeks since last season's finale. I'm not sure House should be walking with that minor of a limp, personally, but I'd have to look it up to be sure, and they did try to cover their bases by mentioning his rehab, and Laurie was careful to favor the right leg whenever he's standing still, etc.

--House really is an addict, isn't he? Couldn't get his "puzzle-solving" high, so he went straight back for the Vicodin. I wonder what Wilson's reaction is going to be when he finds out about this?

--Early on, when House is having his cheery conversation with Wilson (esp. on the staircase), did anyone else have flashbacks to post-"Euphoria" Foreman? Cause I sure did.

--Loved, loved, loved House asking Cameron out for drinks...not because he's interested, but because he's totally sure that now he's got rid of his pain, she simply won't want him. I'm not entirely sure he's right, but he's close to it, from her reaction.

--House banging on Cuddy's window late at night. LOL!

--Someone mentioned that a lot of fans were talking about how "reckless" House was, and that she didn't see it. I agree. He didn't do anything more reckless than usual (well, except maybe the skateboard, hee), and I think it's simply his attitude and motives that people are reacting to. When it's all a puzzle, we know that's just House, and we humor him the way Cuddy does. When he tried on compassion, or says that's what he's trying, suddenly we're not sure what to do with him, and his extreme ideas and theories suddenly take on a much more sinister cast.

--I'm definitely interested in seeing where this series goes next; it's not going to be a boring season!
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