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Scattered update post

Why do I have such an active plot-bunny-breeding brain?

And why on earth did I sign up for so many ficathons that are all due one-after-the-other?

Thank goodness for the one-day extention on the Aliases ficathon story, now due tomorrow. And that I got brilliantly inspired two weeks ago for my Canadian Lyric Wheel story (which is nonetheless due on the 25th of this month), and it's half written. Have done a smidge of brainstorming on my Friendship ficathon story.

And in my spare time, when I'm not doing RL things, I'm pondering the worldbuilding for my CSI/HP crossover, and desperately trying to put off working on my non-ficathon Numb3rs/TS crossover for now....

Oh, and there's the rather unexpected return of a plot bunny from almost 2 years ago. No, not now, go away you little bugger....

Nothing new to report in the work situation, except that I'm trying to come up with a way to approach my boss and let her know that my current wage doesn't quite meet my living expenses....
Tags: ficathon, work, writing

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