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Change is coming....

No, I have no idea why I feel that something may be about to change. Maybe it's just that I rarely seem to go a stable 6 months without some major alteration to my life (last time it was rejoining an RL writer's group, to keep me accountable on my original stuff; and a promotion/raise at the day job).

Maybe it's just that my good friend and writing parter, Kim, has finally taken the plunge and moved from Canada to LA. Our script (supernatural thriller--with weird fairytale undertones) is progressing. But she does not yet have paid work, so is sleeping on my couch. We've been watching Firefly DVDs, and I have duly introduced her to LOST, which is one of the only good shows on at the moment (waves an apology for that generalization to CSI:Vegas, J.A.G., and Joan of Arcadia).

My own SG-1 DVD watching continues sporadically. "Touchstone" was the
latest. ETA: Is it petty of me to be annoyed by the constant assumptions by characters that something is affecting a WHOLE PLANET? (for this week's example, Carter says that in a few more days "the entire planet will be a write-off.") Jack seems to know better, though I'm not recalling which eppy it is where he comments, "It's a big planet" (re:searching for something). It's not like the creators don't mock this tendency to generalize (see "Solitudes," heh). ok, /rant.

Say, anyone feel like beta'ing a short (a few hundred words) SG-1 fic?

Okay...I'll find more to post about later, no doubt. [like the fact that I recently had a moment of revelation about the name "Sam" :) ]
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