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Cool icons (and then tiny RL rant)

Okay, first order of business: everyone should go see the lovely icons kerravonsen has made. They're not plot bunnies, people; they're plot tribbles. (See the icon on this post.)

In other "news,"

I don't usually whine about the driving habits of my fellow LA-dwellers, even the near misses. It's just part of life down here, and by God's grace I haven't been in an accident yet.

So this morning I was driving on a surface street, and the car in front of me decided she wanted to pull into the right lane. Fine; I had my blinker on because I was about to do the same. She basically jammed on her brakes and then pulled right, which was annoying if not really dangerous, and so I leaned on my horn for a second to let her know I was there. I let her pull ahead, so I could then pull into the lane behind her.

As I was moving over (there was an approaching car but room to get over), this woman SLAMMED on her brakes (I swear I heard the car skid) for no reason whatsoever. I jammed on my own brakes to avoid hitting her, and then had to yank my wheel left to keep from getting sideswiped by the car that had been coming up behind her. I wound up in the central dividing lane while the traffic that had been behind me went speeding past. Then I pulled back onto the road and finished driving to work.

An adrenaline rush on an empty stomach is very uncomfy, I'll have you all know. Eeeep.
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