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A fine palette for people....

So I went to see the movie Sideways last night. Short-form verdict: I liked it. It made me laugh (even through offputting nudity/sex)--and made the guy beside me laugh, so hard that he flailed out and smacked me across the thigh, for which he apologized profusely after the credits started rolling. It was well-written. Paul Giomatti is a brilliant actor, and Thomas Hayden Church isn't bad either. It's far too much an indie film to take home the Best Picture Oscar...though I may be biased; I'm rooting for Finding Neverland.

The best thing about this film was the small character moments--whether it's Miles complaining that he can't even commit suicide right, or two unlikely guy friends really being friends to each other, warts and all, or the perfectly-timed fade-to-black ending.

And the best scene of all, possibly in any film I've seen all year: the one where Miles and Maya are drinking wine on the porch, and she asks him why he likes Pinot. His answer is totally revealing about his own character, and brings the entire wine-motif of the film into sharp, rich focus--he doesn't realizing that in describing Pinot, he's describing himself, in every tempermental, artistic, misunderstood way. Maya gets it, though, and this is the moment she irrevokably (both emotionally and intellectually) falls in love.

Critics have said that this movie is about wine. So it is. But only because it's about people; and because wine is such a brilliant metaphor for people.

I admit it, one reason I enjoyed this film is because of that specific metaphor. I enjoy "tasting" people, and keeping them around to see what they become as the years go by and they mature. I tried to express this once back in my university days:

Hold out your life in two cupped hands:
I want to breathe in your scent.
The deep, cold richness, spicy at the edges,
a faint hint of sweetness dissolving on my tongue.
Yes, it hurts, burning nose and throat,
a sharp twisting ache beneath my breastbone;
and yet I wish that I could stay,
stay and inhale your immanent uniqueness,
the drifting outpouring of your life and death.

I love you.

Do you know?

But this film does it better.
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