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Writing update... yes, again.

I'm looking at the list that I made and printed out to stick on my wall mid-way through August. It's slowly being completed, but I really got myself into it signing up for all these ficathons on top of my normal writing.

So far, I have completed:

DUE September 8: a reworked outline for my CSI spec, so that my writer's group could rip it apart and hand me back the pieces. It's going to be a darn good spec when it's done, though; the CSI fans in my group are very into the whole thing. Heh.

DUE September 13 (shifted to 14): my entry for the Aliases ficathon. We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This is up on my journal for the enjoyment of all. Didn't have time to get it beta'd, unfortunately, but I did make the deadline!

Still to come:

DUE September 25: my entry for the Canadian Lyric Wheel fiathon. I got very inspired a couple of weeks ago, and have half a rough draft longhand. Once I solve a certain problem, I should be able to finish the draft quickly, and I don't anticipate wild rewriting on this one--I know exactly what I need to do to make it work. (Yeah, those are probably famous last words, but hey.)

DUE October 2: my entry for the Friendship ficathon. I've done some brainstorming and have a vague idea of length/genre/characters...and that's about it.

DUE October 27: a complete draft or 10,000 words (hopefully the complete draft, that's my goal) of my CSI/Harry Potter story, for the Finish-a-thon. I'm working on integrating character backstory, in my spare time. Also doing research (I <3 the Harry Potter Lexicon).

All this, while I try to keep at bay a 2-years-old SG-1 plot tribble that just resurfaced, and occasionally scribble out the next scene in my Numb3rs/The Sentinel crossover, which will *not* leave me alone.

Oh, yes, and occasionally I think about prepping for NaNoWriMo in November.

Yeah, I think I'm certifiably insane. :-)

Tags: ficathon, writing

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