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First TV addiction of the season:

I honestly didn't think I'd like this show that well. Of course the writing was going to be good, and I'm rather fond of behind-the-scene stories, but still. How interesting could it be?


I think the hour I just spent watching the pilot episode has already made me a fan of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

First off, the writing isn't just good. It's brilliant like I haven't seen since--go figure--The West Wing.

The cast is also good. I already liked Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford, but Amanda Peet I hadn't ever really thought about. And already her bold, insightful executive is one of my favorite. "You gotta give her style points," as one character admiringly says.

Having Judd Hirsch in a guest role didn't hurt. :-)

The pace, the directing, the editing--swift, pointed, no moment wasted. Fast enough to challenge the viewer to keep up but not so fast you can't.

One of the main stars of the Studio 60 (SNL-like) show is a Christian, and from what I can see, she's very realistically portrayed, and that alone gets huge, huge points from me. We'll have to see how they handle the character, but right now I'm very excited about that.

And the clincher, the reason on top of those lovely things that I will probably be tuning in next week and the weeks after: Perry and Whitford click incredibly well, as a writer-director team who are also good friends. As you all know, I am a sucker for a good buddy show, and this one has promise.

Short version: The West Wing was the mythology of politics, complete with heroes. I think Sorkin is doing a similar thing with Studio 60; he wants to write a new mythology for Hollywood and the media. If you saw the episode, think about the teaser, and then tell me I'm wrong. :-)

Go watch this show.
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