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Headaches and House

Heh. Of course. I was supposed to go to a meeting at my church last night--and in the car, I noticed some sparkly visual aura in my left eye. Crap, here comes a migraine. I detoured by my house to grab some Excedrin before the pain hit, and attempted to drive to the meeting anyway. Yeah, that wasn't my most brilliant idea ever. I didn't even go in--I just went home and sacked out on the couch with low light and very low music on for a few hours.

Why couldn't it have hit a couple of hours earlier, so I could cut work? ;-)

Fortunately, it had abated enough for me to watch a bit of the season premiere of L&O: Criminal Intent (creepy as all heck, this one; *shudder*), and then House,MD, which I had taped during my nap.

Wow, there were a few things I didn't see coming in this one.

--Joel Grey. Hah. My first reaction was, "oh look! There's Doc." And the rest of the episode I kept thinking of him as Sloane. Heh.

--Opening scene? EWWeewwwwwEEEEWWWWWW! I don't mind rats in general, but I do mind having to see what they did to Grey's character. EEEEWwwww.

--Euthanesia. I guess I'm more surprised that it hasn't really come up before. While I admit to being a bit startled that Cameron was the one who actually did (and way to cover for her, House), I think I kind of feel the way House does: she acted on her beliefs that a patient's wishes are the most important. Instead of running away, she took action. And for that, House is proud of her.

Though I don't completely agree with her, I think I'm proud of her, too.

--Wilson is starting to really annoy me. Is he deliberately sabotaging House, or does he actually think he's helping? I just.... *sigh*

--I am creeped out by that teenager who seems to be stalking House.

--And I am continually amused by the "you're pregnant" "Am not" banter that House and Cuddy have going. Heh.

Oh, and btw, it's really hard to try and write dialogue for Jack O'Neill after watching House. I'm just saying.

Okay, as you were.
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