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Very strange dream featuring Remus Lupin...

Which I am totally blaming on fernwithy's HP novel Shades.

Actually, thinking about it now, it was kind of a cross between Harry Potter and Law&Order:SVU, genre-wise.

Okay, I can't remember exactly how it began, but it had to do with Remus and a young woman (named Kate, I think; I have no idea why it wasn't just Tonks) investigating some rumors about werewolf children being held captive or abused or something. There was a whole prologue of this.

Eventually, they found a house--smallish, pretty normal for a wizarding residence. The owners weren't around; possibly hadn't been for a while. Remus and Kate checked it out and found some disturbing evidence that the rumors were true. Graves, I think, and symbols that Remus said were "inverted" symbols of marriage (which led to the implication that the group of wizards who had kept the female werewolves there had in some twisted way "owned" them and their affections).

This upset Kate so much she tried to smash some stuff in the house, and they discovered that there were powerful protective charms on it: no werewolf could damage anything inside. (So I guess Kate was a werewolf, too.)

Remus calmed her down, and they gathered up their evidence. When they went to leave, however, a Muggle car pulled up, full of young skinheads (no, I don't know how they got into this dream) whom Remus thought were connected to the wizards who kept up the place--the house's guardians, sort of.

Remus and Kate hid inside the house. I was Kate at this point, and hid underneath a bed, among a bunch of pillows and stuff, and hoped they wouldn't find us. They found Remus first and dragged him out, and they had just spotted me/Kate...

...when I woke up.

Too much L&O? Yeah, maybe. Heh.
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