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Alright, mini-reviews for my shows, new and old:

CSI, "Built to Kill, pt 1"

I'm really not sure what to make of this episode. The producers "threatened" to put more emphasis on the characters in an attempt at not losing audience to Grey's Anatomy, and maybe that's some of what I saw, but it was still subtle.


-- The structure of this episode was different than any other CSI episode, and it wasn't different in a really awesomely intriguing way...it just didn't flow as well. The two small cases are solved several minutes before the end of the episode, and the last 5-10 minutes are a mixture of a new case (which looks fascinting: the murder, and the 1/2" scale model of the room and crime sitting at the location) and the aftermath of a horrific experience for Catherine. False endings out the wazoo. I can pardon that a bit, because it's the first half of a two-parter, but it made me jittery.

--I realize that my thorough discomfort with the whole sequence where Catherine wakes up naked in the motel room with no memory of how she got there, and gathering evidence off herself, means that the actress and the writers/director nailed it perfectly. But it still creeped me out of my skin.

I think I'll have to see where the show goes this season.

Cool things:

--The tiny subplot with Brass feeling like he didn't deserve the commendation he got for his heroics last season. I love that it was Warrick who went to talk to him about it.

--The very subtle Sara/Grissom nod. Nothing different except that he brings her lunch along with his.

--A case set at the Cirque de Soleil. It only took them seven years to get around to this! :-)

--Catherine, at the bar at the end, *refusing* to let a random guy pay for her drink. Good for you. That small good choice makes the fact that the drink she does get is dosed with something nasty that much more frustrating.

--Nick getting Catherine to come out on the floor and dance with him. People will read Cath/Nick into several scenes in this episode...and weirdly? I'm okay with that. Because Nicky is a wonderful guy and more women on the show should realize that.

Studio 60

Second episode, where I see if my excitement over the pilot holds up.

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: They need to not drag out this Matt/Harriet thing for much longer, because it's already getting old. Other than that, I liked it. And had much love for the Gilbert-and-Sullivan ripoff "cold open". Very nice. :-)


I really am not sure what to make of this show.

On the one hand, it's exactly what I hoped it would be: basically, a large-cast, serialized story about people discovering powers they didn't know they had, in a realistic way a la Unbreakable.

On the other hand, the close similarities to stuff like the X-men is going to put some people off. I'm told that the producer was trying to create a rich, serialized story and didn't even realize how close some of the plot was until he finally got around to reading the research his assistants had collected for him.

Also, the opening text and the voice-overs...gah. Anvils, anyone? The rest of it is subtle, gentle, drawing lines and connections gracefully between India, Japan, New York and Texas; between brothers, families, friends, and lovers. I think the meta-stuff is overkill. *sigh*

Although I really like most of the characters--especially Hiro. His unending delight in his powers, his devotion to the idea of being a superhero (and his friend's teasing him by making an English pun out of his name, "Super Hiro"), is just pure fun. He'll either be the truest hero out of this bunch...or the most easily manipulated by the unscrupulous. *hugs Hiro*

I'll keep watching, as long as the meta-weirdness doesn't bug me beyond reason. It's good enough to give it a real shot, and I won't be surprised if it does well.

I think I may save this week's House for its own post. There was some interesting stuff there, and it also made me cry.
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