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Slightly late--but I simply must tell you all. :-)

On Thursday night I went to my first early screening--the film won't be released till May. And oh, boy, did I have fun. I've tried to keep spoilers in my report to a minimum, but in case you haven't read the book, it's behind a cut tag.

Yes, I saw The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Envy me. :-)

It was really, really well done. My friend kimberleym has already sqeeeed on her LJ about certain things, so I'll just add a few that really stood out.

There was some very well-done CGI, for backgrounds and the ships and such, but the real stars of the show were the actors (those who questioned the casting of Mos Def as Ford Prefect--fear not, he's good) and the puppet/costume alien creatures. Everything in the film looks real...at least, as real as anything in a Douglas Adams story can be. Suspension of disbelief in his works is something totally outside the norm.

The story itself follows the book closely. Even where it deviates, it does so in a way that is purely Adams, and contains the same dry, ironic humor. That's what amazed me the most, I think, that they were able to capture so well that very particular and peculiar set of mind.

That, and Alan Rickman as Marvin the manic-depressive robot. Martin Freeman, too, was sweet and pitiful as Arthur Dent. I need an Arthur icon....

Everyone, as soon as this movie comes out, go see it. I'll be there, probably more than once...and I'll have my towel with me.
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