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Catchup and this week's CSI

Hey, it's a bit cloudy today, with lower temperatures (yay). I just went outside to move my laundry and it's sprinkling. Wow. That makes me happy. :-)

Okay, not an exhaustive list here, but I finished and turned in my story for the Canadian Lyric Wheel Ficathon (this year the artist was Alanis Morrisette--dang, it can be tough to write genfic from some of her lyrics) on time. There were technical difficulties on the part of our ficathon coordinator, so hopefully those will be up soon.

I'm actually ridiculously proud of that one.

And I'm freaking over my Friendship Ficathon story. I have notes, an outline, but nothing actually written and it's due tomorrow. *facepalm* I suppose I should have figured on at least one of these 3 ficathons killing me with the deadline--some RL stuff came up this week, and compounding that with the fact that I'm not really comfortable writing the voices in this particular fandom, and geez.... I gotta get offline and get down to work, here!

My brain is finally wrapping around the CSI/HP thing, which is yay. Once I get this other story out of the way, I think I'll be able to start writing pretty much right off the bat. :-) Especially since I've been watching new CSI episodes and craving to write the characters again.

"Built to Kill, pt. 2"

I was really thrown by the weird structure and lack of follow-through last week. Abnormal for CSI; even when they have two-part episodes, they tend to wrap cases up within the single halves, giving the viewer some closure even when other threads carry over. Not last week.

But after watching this week's episode, I understand what they were doing. This really should have been aired like "Grave Danger," as a long episode rather than a two-parter. There are bits of resolution in the first half, but the crime that carries over, the doping of Catherine, the kidnapping of her daughter Lindsey, it all ties back into one of the cases from last week. A nice twist, some amazing angst (and usually I get peeved at Catherine's "issues"), and all in the inimitable CSI style.

--I admit I kind of freaked when the car crash happened. I yelled at the screen, "Okay, writers! If this has nothing to do with Cath's drugging, I am never, ever going to watch this show again!" But it did, and tied back to Sam Braun, and back to the teaser of the first episode, and that was cool and I did not see it coming.

--Fascinating secondary case, with the dead old rock star and the 1/2" scale model of the murder, down the freaking last detail. I have no idea who did it, and it was awfully fun to watch Grissom be detail-loving-geek Grissom all episode. I wonder if that's going to carry through to next week? Or if we've got another Paul Millander storyline on our hands?

--I also liked that we got to see Sara and Grissom working together for a lot of the ep. Not much has changed between them, yay. Though I'm wondering if Ecklie suspects something. That could be bad.

--Nick feeling guilty over leaving Cath at the bar. Aw, Nicky.

--Warrick telling Cath to go get some coffee or something, when she's watching over his shoulder as he analyzes the pictures of kidnapped Lindsey, angsting and throwing off his concentration. LOL.

--I was very pleased that they showed that Cath was very aware of the inadmissable nature of the evidence she collected off herself. That she just wanted to find out what happened and who the guy might be, but didn't want to actually be the subject of a case or a regular investigation. That's very much in-character for her. And I'm very pleased that she called Sara, privately, to come help her out. Good for you, Cath.

--I kind of screamed at the TV again, when Cath went to warn Sam Braun who was actually after him, and then the guy shows up and shoots Sam. Um, he looked very dead. Wow. That shocked me. Cath's having a really bad week, huh? I'm looking forward to seeing some follow-up on that.

I love CSI. Have I said that lately?
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