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TV and world-building

Monday night is now a night for TV. This has not been the case for a long time, and I think I may have to start taping and watching late at night if I want to get writing done on Mondays. Heh.

Studio 60

Well, this show continues to sell me on the wacky, self-depricating hijinks of producing a comedy sketch show. Okay, so mostly Bradley Whitford (I love Danny) and Matthew Perry do the selling, but hey, they're supposed to be the guys we root for, right? :-)

This episode was much funnier than the two since the pilot, imho. I understand the kind of laughter of insanity that occurs when you have a crisis morph into a crisis morph into a crisis, and that was the basis of this episode, so I was indeed amused.

Slightly less amused by Harriet this week--I still like her, but I wish she would actually have to show some specifically Christian backbone in some way. *shrug* At least she's confirmed that she's Southern Baptist rather than Catholic, heh. About time evangelical Christianity got a mention on primetime TV.

Heroes, "One Giant Leap"

I keep feeling that the meta-ness of it all is overkill, and I kind of wish they would quit with the voiceovers. Nevertheless, the show itself is still gripping me for two reasons: one, we're only getting our information from/through the characters, which gives us valid suspence; two, the plot twists are really awesome.

They say the producer/creator wanted a new LOST. Well, he may have succeeded.

Hiro continues to make himself beloved to me, and now I know his friend/sidekick's name, too: Ando. Honestly, any scene Hiro is in is a good one, because he seems to really have a blueprint for these situations, and to take them in stride.

Unlike the brothers (Peter and Nathan). I keep wondering if Peter really can fly (despite the fact that he did so last week), or if Nathan was somehow convincing him of that. I wanted to murder Nathan for claiming the fall as a suicide attempt, just for PR purposes, without telling Peter first...but the fact that he let Peter beat him up later made me back off a little. Nathan may be a slimey political creep, but at least he seems to know it, and he knew he deserved that punishment.

Greg Grundberg's charater, Matt, would so be my new TV boyfriend if I didn't already have a few. *g* I adore the way his storyline is developing--how he doesn't always hear the voices, but is learning to use the skill; that the FBI gal is all about hiring him (she must know there's something special about Sylar, and others, or there's no way she'd be hiring Matt on the spot like that); how he got all giddy listening to the people in the bar; and the shocker of his being drugged!

Excellent thing about Cheerleader Claire's storyline: I somehow got her invincibility power mixed up in my head with Slayerness--I'd forgotten that she's not unusually strong, and that she might not necessarily be able to stop Mr. Buff Quarterback from raping her. Which is a nice detail to her power...

and EW EW EW EWWWWWWW on Clarie waking up during her own autopsy. I could so have done without ever seeing that on my screen. EEEEWWWW.

I have many theories about Sylar. I think he has powers and is hunting others with powers. The rest of my theories I am reserving till I see if there's more proof. :-)

Say, do any of you writers out there have any resources you can recommend for world-building? I have an idea I've wanted to work on forever, but it requires figuring out all the physical and social rules for a mer-society, and I'd love it if there were some sort of book to look at to help me figure out what kind of stuff I should be thinking over and deciding on.
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