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LOST, Nathan Fillion, and Numb3rs DVDs

So, some assorted fannish squee!

First off, they know how to cast the pretty on LOST: Nathan Fillion to join cast for two episodes. I am so pleased right now!

Secondly, the second season of Numb3rs hit DVD yesterday, and I picked it up on my way home from work (hey, I'm celebrating my raise, I can buy one little DVD set).

The blooper reel was longer and much funnier this time around. Diane Farr is a very silly person, probably great fun to work with; and the whole cast seems to have good working chemistry.

I love it when a scene in the bloopers reveals that there were filmed scenes cut from an episode! It seems they may have filmed a "rescue" scene where Megan and the team find Don in the season finale. Hee.

Also, the snark between Megan and Colby appears to be an extension of the snark between those two actors.

David Krumholtz likes to tease people (ie, Judd Hirsch), and Rob Morrow can totally pick David up and swing him around. *giggle*

Okay, stopping with the squee. You have to see it, that's all.

Commentaries look awesome, though I was hoping for "Hot Shot" commentary, or for Rob Morrow to do commentary on the ep he directed ("All's Fair"). However, Rob is on two other commentary tracks, including "Guns and Roses," so I shall not whine. And I am deeply looking forward to hearing Diane Farr and David Krumholtz do commentary on "In Plain Sight," which was a pretty hard-core episode for both of them.

Also? I love this show to pieces.

Okay. Ahem. As you were.
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