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CSI review, minutes after seeing new ep

I am most pleased with this show so far this year. It almost feels like we're back in first season, in a good way--and other fans will know what I mean by that, I hope.

Also: *hugs Greg Sanders forever and ever*

CSI, "Fannysmakin'"

Okay, aside from a horribly punny title, I liked this episode alot. Not in a mad-squee kind of way (though, oh, it certainly had its moments), but in a quiet, "this is good," "omg, this is really very good," "I may have to watch this again and boy I'm glad I taped it" kind of way.

I would go so far as to call it "classic CSI" and here is a list of reasons why:

--Vegas-centric crime, in fact a very Vegas-centric story
--Emphasis on the CSIs, but not to the detriment of the procedural part of the story. I'm talking about stuff like Greg having his first day in court, and getting his first solo assignment.
--A tight sense of time, of urgency, in the first half of the episode...it made me think of other beloved episodes like "The Finger," or even "Fight Night."
--Warrick and Nick working together at scenes.
--Grissom and Sara, being so comfortable with each other, is a lovely, gentle reminder of something I always enjoyed in the early seasons.
--The final scene, with everyone but Greg in the locker room discussing the case and its moral implications? I'm not sure we've had such a scene since first season. I was vividly reminded of the ending of the episode where the guy died on the plane (so sue me for not knowing this one title, lol). Grissom as the teller of the tale, the one who knows the moral of the story.

I loved all the subtle character moments we were given. Everyone in the main cast got to play, really, and I give kudos to the writers and director as well as to the whole ensamble. Eric Szmadza and William Petersen really rocked their stuff, but my favorite moments were from Jorja Fox (when she knelt with Greg at the scene, barely able to hold back her tears, oh, that's the Sara we love but don't always see) and George Eads (he just got so angry--and this is post-Grave Danger Nick, not as good at holding that anger back as he used to be).

Greg has been my "little brother" of this show, the one who makes me laugh and say "Awww!" and generally want to muss his hair (not that he isn't very cute, and also geeky, and if he were real I might conceivably be tempted to date him) and squeeze him. Boy, he's having to do some growing up fast, though isn't he?

I was enourmously proud of him for thinking quickly, and driving in to save that man's life. Stupid, in a sense (though I imagine driving that Denali around feels like being in a tank), but certifiably heroic.

And can someone else confirm a line reading for me? (I can check captions but I totally don't trust them.) When Grissom visits Greg in the hospital, right near the end of their visit it sounds like Greg asks him, "Are you going to be all right?" to which Grissom answers "I don't know." I rewound and listened a couple of times, and I can't make the question come out as anything else, but I'm not sure that makes sense....

Two things I didn't like:

--Eww. Ever since watching Heroes this week, autopsies make me want to puke. And that one? Was nasty.

--Okay. Timing/lighting doesn't always bother me in this show; I accept that there are inconsistancies. But good lord, to go from nighttime (something like 3 am, surely) to DAYLIGHT, when Greg called in backup which should have been there almost immediately after the beating, and in DAYLIGHT scene the paramedics are still stabalizing Greg and the other guy for transport to the hospital? I don't freaking think so. Hmph.

Next week: Ooo. We're revisting religion! This could be good ("Altar Boys" is one of my favorite episodes of all) or a little scary. I'll hope for "good."


ETA: People over at the CSI blog on TV Guide.com seem to agree with me on the "old skool" vibe of this episode.
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