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GIP, and notes on the joy of writing crossovers

So, I went looking for Greg Sanders icons today. nentari had a whole selection, and I snagged this one along with a couple more, because it looked cool. Then I registered properly what it said, and had to laugh.

This is my new Official CSI/HP Crossover Icon.

And now for some musings on writing and the fusion of universes.

So I'm having a heck of a time getting all the details straight in my head. I'm giving myself two more days (till sometime on Sunday) to do research, create spells and potions for my brand of magical forensics, and then work out a tentative outline/plan of attack.

Fortunately, the characters have transposed themselves nicely. I already know what the first scene is going to be like, and have some dialogue between Grissom and Nick and Greg about it.

The most distracting thing about working on this story, so far, has been the character backstories. I sat down and made mini-bios of each of the team members, so I could see where they'd come from, how they might have known each other before working on Grissom's team, and so on. One of the catagories I paid special attention to was where each character was during Voldemort's first rise, and what effect (if any) it had on them. These mini-stories came with ridiculous ease, and with them the entire dynamic of this team, working on a crime scene where the wizarding world finally got proof that Voldemort has returned, came together in my head.

This is going to be so much fun to write. Gotta buckle down to the research, so I can dive into the story proper.

*resists the urge to write about Catherine protecting her Muggle mother during Voldie's first rise....*
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