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Some musings on the Tenth Doctor...

I'm four episodes into...er...is there a standardized way of referring to seasons of Doctor Who? All the ads say "series 2", but given the wealth of seasons that came before Nine, I'm reluctant to use that as a designation.

I fell rather hard for the Eccleston's Ninth Doctor, and spent the summer trying to get acquainted with his earlier incarnations (and liking them all, in various ways). I was a little nervous about meeting the next incarnation. However, I guess I shouldn't have worried too much.

I'm only going to say a few things about each episode, because it's late at night and my brain is foggy. :-)

"The Christmas Invasion"

First off, I loved this episode. The danger, the sense of urgency, the cheesily deadly Christmas decorations, Jackie and Mickey and Harriet the PM, sleepwalkers and duels and striped pajamas.

I'm impressed with the decision to give a long stretch of the episode to the panic that happens when they don't have the Doctor to help them out, when Rose gets to try and figure out what to do on her own. I liked that we got a chance to freak out and to grieve along with her, and to see that she's grown.

[On a shallower note, David Tennant is a pretty man and suffers rather beautifully. XD ]

Favorite moments include: Rose and co. are being attacked by an alien Christmas tree, and the comatose Doctor won't wake up...until Rose whispers in his ear, "Help me." The Doctor being revived by tea. The entire duel, especially the delay beforehand while the Doctor tries to figure out himself ("rude, that's the kind of man I am") and say hello to everyone. How gregarious the new incarnation is, as proved by his joyous hugging of Jackie and Mickey, of all people. :-)

And the somewhat ambiguous ending, with Harriet and Torchwood and the Doctor. Two different thoughts on ways to keep Earth safe, and I'm still not quite sure who was right, or if they both were.

"New Earth"

Some clever ideas, like the cat nuns. A really awesome analogy, with the transmission of healing by touch...but without plot logic, it didn't work very well. I felt like this episode was trying to be "The Doctor Dances," but only ended up being a "lite" version.

I did like Cassandra-in-Rose, to a point. There was much amusement to be had.

And I also was intrigued by the tiny subplot with the Face of Bo (sp?). "They say he will tell his secret to one like himself, a wanderer without a home, the lonely god...."

"Tooth and Claw"
Oh, there was much I liked about this one. Humor, and the Queen, and mistletoe oil in the walls of the library to keep out the Wolf. And much creepiness, with the werewolf cult (knowing just enough Latin to cringe at the chant of "lupus deus est").

I loved the intricacies of the wolf's legend, and how it was destroyed.

What I was not amused by (oh, come on, I had to say it) was the sheer giddiness of Rose and the Doctor. I mean, being wowwed by a werewolf is one thing, I didn't mind that. But there were other moments when their squee seemed both excessive and inappropriate, and I really didn't mind that the Queen felt the same way.

"School Reunion"

Oh, oh, this was lovely in so many ways.

All the echoing and reflecting of characters: Rose and Sarah Jane, Mickey and K9 (that made me laugh), and all for the Doctor....

The moments where the Doctor's past and present sort of collide, I thought were well-played. Mickey's stereotypical (I take it) companion scream, K9, Rose finally clueing in to the fact that she wasn't the Doctor's first companion. Oh, and my favorite moment from the Tenth Doctor so far: the first time he sees Sarah Jane, after they've chatted a bit and he's found out she's investigating the school. "Well done, Sarah Jane Smith!" And I swear he had tears in his eyes. Incredibly happy.

I thought the interplay between Rose and Sarah Jane was spot-on. Jealousy giving way to reminiscing and laughter at the poor Doctor's expense. :-)

I thought the plot was pretty good. Of course, Tony Head adds to whatever he's in.

One minor thing, less of a complaint than a sense of rising dread. There were some bits of Doctor-Rose dialogue that used what I think of as "romantic" terminology (well, teen-emo-romantic, anyway), and that kind of got on my nerves. I don't like having to "translate" it back to non-romance, even if that was the actual feeling I got, and even though I already know that Rose thinks in "boyfriend" terms.

I refuse to be pushed into shipping. That is all

Okay. Maybe I'll have more to say later. All comments welcome, though I feel rather a dunce for being like year behind all you overseas people.
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