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CSI fic: Respite

Author's Note: This drabble is set post-"Fannysmackin'", and contains spoilers for that episode. Many thanks to my beta, feliciakw.

Comments and concrit welcome!


by izhilzha


Not all the dreams are nightmares.

Those come every time I shut my eyes. Faces twist out of proportion, blurring and running in shades of gray and red. Laughter echoes. Blows smash into my back, chest, stomach--no pain, but coming one on top of the other so I can’t catch my breath and the world spins away. . . .

The others come when I least expect them. Darkness cut by a familiar smell, lavender and chamomile. A light touch strokes the crown of my head, smoothing my hair and unbruised scalp.

Tears still come, when I wake, but these don’t hurt.

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