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I really am going to try to give MINI-reviews, this time. Heh.

Heroes, "Collision"

The crazy plot twists continue. I admit that I saw the car crash coming, but I honestly wasn't sure that Claire would go that far. I also admit that I screamed. :-)

Future!Hiro is completely awesome and a little sad. I love that they're going ahead and messing with time. And that the heroes are beginning to meet up.

So my supposition that Peter temporarily aquires powers from being in proximity to other "heroes" has been confirmed. Interestings. aadler posited a theory that I think is both plausible and slightly unnerving: that Syler might be a future version of Peter, who has learned to permanently acquire more than one power by eating his victim's brains.

I'm not totally hooked on this show, and doubt I'll be writing fic for it, but like LOST, I think I'll keep watching it.

Studio 60, "Search and Destroy"

Hmm. I didn't like something about the structure of this episode. It felt like it dragged, or had the emphasis in the wrong places, or something....

I wish that we could have heard Harriet's backstory in a more interesting way than that interview. That said, I love that it felt and sounded so real, and I am impressed with the fact that she "became a Christian and a comedian at the same time". That was beautiful.

And this episode sold me on the continuing Matt/Harriet relationship. I was getting very bored, but now there's a much deeper reason for the 'ship, something that had only been hinted at: they love each other's talent, fit together like adjacent puzzle pieces. I'm not sure I romantically 'ship them as much as I now feel that they will always need each other. Which is waaaaay more interesting to me than the common "we broke up and I hate/love you" vibe they've had till now.

LOST, "Bear...Is That You?"

Good to see Boone again, and nice continuity with his apperance as Locke's, er, spirit guide.

Loved Charlie, here, and that Locke went to him for help. I also really liked Locke's muteness, with its biblical overtones, but felt they had him regain speech too soon. That moment wasn't powerful enough, imho.

What happened to the hatch, though? And how did all of them (Desmond, in particular) not die?

And can Des see the future?! (I smell Heroes/Lost crossovers already....)

I need to ponder this week's CSI a bit before posting my thoughts. So that's it for now!
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