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Last night's CSI was a rerun, so I flipped over and watched Supernatural instead. I'd seen bits of episodes before, though never an entire one. Let me just say that I now completely understand why a majority of The Sentinel fans have dropped into this new fandom (and I'm not referring to the cuteness of Jared Padalecki or the hotness of Jensen Ackles).

I'm not sure I'm going to watch it again, though; it gave me the most bizarre dreams. I'm not sure if I was helping the Winchester brothers out on an investigation, or what, but there was much adventuring and a lot of weirdly symbolic stuff.

[At some point I was driving through an area that reminded me of West Hollywood, in narrow cramped streets, and made a wrong turn. I ended up in a dead-end alley with a small open-air market--but all the merchants were selling pot, and they seemed convinced that nobody would show up there unless they wanted to either buy or smoke it. I just wanted to get unlost and back to where I was supposed to meet up with my buddies.]

The strangest thing is that they were investigating Snape. Seriously. I remember going through a room that was supposed to be Snape's (while he was out, of course). Among other things, we found something like a psychic image, which showed us various symbols that represented things in Snape's heart (I remember a detailed image of a brain, and several others). And I found a greeting card, blank, with "Semper Fidelis" [direct translation: Always Faithful] written in one corner. I guess you all know what I think about Snape's loyalties now, huh? :-)

I know we have to post what we have on our Finishathon stories, today. I'm sad because I didn't get nearly enough done, but I shall post what I have. And I think I'll use this as my back-up NaNo story, in case I finish the other story and am still short of the word count.

Anybody else see the preview for next week's CSI? Kudos to them on not type-casting this particular actor, but I'm just not sure I want to see Alan Tudyk aka Wash playing a pedophile. Eeeep.
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