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My weekend....and response to CSI ("Finally!" and "Whoa.")

This weekend I went outside the city, to a little retreat center in the mountains 70 miles south of LA. When I pulled up and heard the creek running, I knew it was going to be a good weekend. It was a tiny artist's retreat, which meant that on one hand we got to relax and do artistic things; and on the other hand, there were structured activities which made me wish for more free time. All in all, though, it was peaceful, beautiful, and very much needed. *contented sigh*

But being gone all weekend means that I didn't get to post about this week's CSI.

First of all, may I just say--finally! I've been dying to hear more about Sara's backstory since I watched "Sex, Lies, and Larvae," and saw her nearly deck the suspect in a domestic abuse case. And while Grissom has always been pretty good at dealing with Upset!Sara, this has always been her red-hot button, and not even he has ever really been able to talk sense to her in the middle of these cases.

And not only did we get her backstory (in perfect, actor-showcasing CSI way--that scene put Jorja Fox several notches higher in my esteem than she already was), but we get there in the only psychologically believable way: Sara loses it. She's come very close before; come close to botching cases because of her bias; but never has she let loose at her fellow CSIs in public. The way she treated the suspect was par for the course (though not very sensible), and Catherine's reaction to it was predictable as well (and quite in line with procedure--she treated Nick this way once, on his hot-button case). But Sara's top-of-her-voice, very personal attack on Catherine, her acting supervisor for that case, was way out of line. I don't care how upset she was. For that, she deserved to be smacked down by Ecklie. I admit to a dual reaction to her insubordination--Ecklie is a creep, and it was richly satisfying to hear what Sara had to say to him. But at the same, oh, how very stupid that was, and wow, did she ever ask for that suspension.

But that's what Sara needed to get to the place where she told someone, which I think she desperately needed to do but had convinced herself she never would. And it gave Grissom the motivation not only to check on Sara, not only to ask the questions, but to sit there and refuse to leave until she told him.

I admit to being something of a Gris/Sara shipper. I am, at the least, fascinated by the complexities of their relationship, the dancing around each other, and the ways they care about each other without ever being able to take action. This episode is different. Grissom is finally taking action, putting himself irrevocably into Sara's private life, not because he is attracted to her, but simply because she needs it. Because he knows he is someone she can trust, and because he knows that no one else will ask that question and stand a chance in hell of getting any answer.

And wow--Grissom doesn't look at all comfortable with Sara's tears, but all he does is reach out and take her hand, let her hold on to him. William Petersen is such a terrific actor. All of that, in the subtle movements of face and eyes and shoulders...

Sounds like I consider this episode to be the Grissom/Sara show. The great thing about it, though, was that it isn't. Everyone had at least one good scene, and Catherine several; Grissom had the bit at the beginning; Nick and Warrick got to banter about girls and marriage; and Greg showed off his crush on Sara by worrying about her and being on her side. And the mystery was a good one, too. Some excellent music choices.

The one thing that really stuck with me, after the scene with Catherine and Ecklie and Grissom at the end, where Grissom once more takes the side of his subordinate and tosses himself into the negotiations to make Ecklie behave, was this:

Grissom is always giving people second chances. Of course he wasn't going to fire Sara; she's good at what she does, and had a perfectly valid reason for being upset over these cases. But here's the clincher. Sara really may not be all that stable (though I have hopes, after that scene with Grissom), and Grissom just put himself and his career on the line for her.

Considering that he's spent the last four years avoiding a romantic attachment that he clearly desired, apparently because he didn't want to screw up either of their careers, this is ironic. Perfectly in character, but horribly ironic. I hope his faith is Sara is justified. She would be devastated to realize that her conduct might be behind Griss getting fired (gosh, I hope this is just hypothetical, though it would make for good drama).

Anyway...wondering if any of this will be followed up next week.
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