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My family never celebrated this day, mostly because as Christians we actually believe that there is a spiritual realm, and so much of the modern Halloween celebration seems to be giving far too much credence to the wrong side of it.

For myself, I think it's quite wise to have a day in which we can recognize fear and evil (in whatever form, whether we believe they're actually real or not) and thumb our noses at them.

[And the whole costume thing is awesome, of course.]

If we here in the USA actually treated Halloween like that, as a dare rather than as a celebration (in a sense) of fear and of evil things, maybe I'd be more inclined to celebrate it myself.

Nothing wrong with candy or costumes or ghost stories (and here's a link to a lovely Halloween Op-Ed piece written by Neil Gaiman), certainly. And may you all, however you view it, have a happy and safe evening.
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