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NaNo update and TV reviews

NaNoWriMo update: I'm at around 3,000 words. I lose at this already, wah. Oh well. I shall persevere!


Now for my actual mini TV updates:

What a sucky way for Eko to die. Charlie got a better almost-death in season one.

Nathan Fillion rocks. :-) That flashback sequence of Kate's just about made me cry.

And made me *facepalm* the whole Kate/Sawyer sex thing.

And wow, Jack, out manuvering the manipulators. Score!

This week's episode, with plot and funny stuff and fish-out-of-water? This is how it should be. Best ep since the pilot. Keep going at this rate, and this show might become one of my must-watch shows, instead of a "oh, that's nice" show.

"Post Mortem"

I don't think we've ever had an episode of CSI like this one, where both plots are continuations of earlier episodes. In fact, this is as close to having a "clip show" as this show has ever come, and while I was watching I kept feeling as if I should feel cheated because of that.

I couldn't. Both plots--the discovery of another seemingly random homicide accompanied by a detailed 1/2" model of the crime scene (Sara: "If one is horrifying, what is two?" Gris: "A possible serial killer." Duh, you two), and Greg's experience during the coroner's inquest on the death of the kid he hit with the Denali, Demetrius James--were involving, interesting, and the episode as a whole was quite deliberately constructed to keep us guessing.

I like that.

And maybe I'm the only one, but as hard as it was to watch the brutal beating Greg took in "Fannysmackin'," I found the emotional beating he takes from the biased judge and the hostile family even harder to take. When Demetrius' brother shows up menacingly in the men's room, I totally thought Greg was in for another beating. And kudos to the actor, because when the stare-down in the mirror is interrupted, Greg looks like he's about two seconds away from a panic attack, and I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around him and hold him. Oh, Greg.

The miniature model murders continue to intrigue me, as they do Grissom. The writers are having way too much fun with this one--bits and pieces, doled out just enough to be frustrating to our favorite CSI boss. Hee.

Neither of these storylines has been wrapped up, either. Demetrius' death was found "excusable," meaning Greg gets off but it wasn't the only, necessary course of action he could have taken. I call bullshit on that, because yeah, it was the only action that would have saved Stanley. But it's clear that Greg thinks it's the right finding, because of his own guilt over Demetrius. Again I say, oh, Greg. *hugs* Also, Demetrius' brother doesn't seem to want to let this go. Grissom has more evidence on the model murderer, but not enough to catch him/her, yet.

Hodges, dancing in his lab? Uh.... Is he *trying* to be the new Greg? I'm a little weirded out by that scene.

I LOVED that Nick and Warrick totally spend time to figure out a way to help Greg in the inquest. You boys are the best. Yeah.

Interesting, that we finally get to see a coroner's inquest. I wasn't sure if we did those in America anymore--I know about them from British books.

To fans who apparently don't have a clue about migraine headaches: Grissom's pain and light sensitivity last week are classic symptoms, and migraines don't need an excuse to come on. Some people, like me, can't even figure out what the heck triggers one--I get them every few/several months, and no luck with finding a trigger after several years of this. *shrug* It's perfectly normal that Grissom would be perfectly fine this week after being nearly incapacitated last week. Deal with it.

I love good TV storytelling.
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