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Dreams and writing

Okay. You all know (because I like to talk about it) that I dream in ways that some people find strange: my dreams often have plots or arcs, involve fictional charaters or entire casts of character dreamt up by my subconscious just for that one dream, and are really long.

And I see that I've posted a few times in the past month or so about realistic, plotty dreams I've been having.

Well, this week's dreaming has been that X 1,000, and I'm really not entirely sure why.

I mean that every night for the past six or seven days, I've had long, involved, detailed dreams, most of them featuring fictional characters (Allison DuBois from Medium twice, the second time including her entire family; Dean and Sam from Supernatural two or three times, Olivia Benson from Law&Order: SVU once). None of them have been nightmares, but all of them have involved action/adventure of one sort or another. And I think I, myself, as myself, have been in all of these dreams, not just watching the story unfold from the outside.

That last is unusual, as is the sheer volume of dreaming I've been doing.

Any thoughts on this?

Possible RL circumstances contributing to all this dreaming include:

I've been thinking a lot about writing more spec scripts, to be part of my portfolio, now that I've decided I really want to write for TV. Medium and Supernatural are two shows I'm considering writing specs for.

I am supposed to be doing NaNoWriMo, but the past six days I've had almost no time--my evening schedule suddenly filled up with babysitting, friends visiting the area, an unexpected church thing (well, two, actually), telephone calls. For an introvert, I've been awfully social this week. Haven't even watched TV except for House (while at the babysitting job, and sans my computer), and part of the Medium season premiere.

So I haven't been writing, but I've been thinking about writing. Maybe my subconscious is trying to do it for me? :-)

I went to a dream analysis site--most of the stuff on those is crap, at least for my own dreams--and they had a section on celebrity dreams, with one note that I'd never thought about before. They suggested that celebrity dreams reflect things we see in the actor or the characters he or she plays, and also suggested that the dreamer look for puns on the name.

That caught my attention, because usually I just dream about the characters in an appropriate fictional setting. Last month, though, I had a dream where I was really upset, and Det. Elliot Stabler was there, holding me for comfort like my dad used to do when I was little, with my head on his shoulder.

Which is fairly appropriate for the character, and I'm not overly surprised at my brain's choice for a person to give me comfort, but the name is amusing: Stabler. Stable. Heh.

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