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SG-1 crack (or, reporting from RL fandom)

So, on Thanksgiving, I was with some friends and we were all amusing ourselves watching some really old Walt Disney Christmas cartoons. Most of my friends work in film or TV, so there was some gentle mockery of the old ways going on, as well as some random comments from the peanut gallery such as, "I don't understand why Santa's sack of toys isn't bigger, if he's supposed to deliver toys to all the children of the world."

From the other side of the room, my acquaintance and fellow SG-1 fan Sam cleared his throat, then said quietly and with conviction, "Santa is a Replicator."

After a few seconds of pondering this apparent non-sequitur and realizing the implications for things like the automatic creation of toys at whatever location they were need, I sort of burst out laughing.

Because it makes a very bizarre sort of sense.

And would make extremely cracked-out SG-1 fic.

Oh, I dare someone to write it. Even if it's just a drabble, I dare someone to write it....
Tags: christmas, ideas, stargate sg-1

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