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Interesting, fannish-but-really-not dream

Okay. I think this dream birthed itself out of a few things: I've been re-watching some Ninth Doctor episodes and thinking about the Doctor a lot the past several days, I stayed up till 1:30am last night re-reading The Dead Zone, and I've also been thinking a lot about positive change in people's lives (I know some people where it's a bona fide miracle that they've come as far as they have--there is literally no other explanation).

And this was my dream:

There was quite a lot of prologue to it, which I can't completely recall. People were being murdered, or attacked, and I recall sneaking around on a hill in the dark, trying to get back to light and civilization before I and my friends could run into the murderer. I *think* we found a body, on the way.

I don't recall when exactly the Doctor (9) came into it, but he was the one who figured out that the attacker wasn't a normal sort of killer--he was a child, couldn't have been more than four years old. We tracked him through city streets, not dark and gloomy like in "The Empty Child" (the parallels didn't even occur to me until well after I woke this morning, because none of the visuals were similar), but midday Los Angeles sunshine. The streets were like those in my hometown; I remember zooming along down 10th street, which was near my home growing up.

We, the Doctor and I (I can't for the life of me remember if Rose was there, or if I was the only companion around), tracked the kid into a huge apartment building, and cornered him on a staircase landing several floors up. I remember so vividly the Doctor kneeling in front of the little boy, trying to talk to him, trying to figure out how to fix him. The boy was thin, and looked like a sleepwalker, no expression at all. Blank, dead eyes, and a pinched face, as if he hadn't had enough to sleep or eat in a while. I know the boy said something at one point--I don't think it was "Are you my mummy?" but it was something similiar, and equally creepy in the context.

I don't remember exactly what the Doctor wound up doing, or the aftermath, but I do remember being sure (while I was still nervous and horrified by the whole thing) that he would figure it out. If anyone could help this child, it would be the Doctor.

In fact, the only reason this dream wasn't a nightmare is because the Doctor was in it. The idea of damaged children unwittingly harming others makes me sick to my stomach...but I could trust the Doctor to figure it out, and that meant it wasn't up to me to fix the boy. So it was all right.

Anyway. I'm rather pleased to have had the Ninth Doctor visit my dreams. :-)
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