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NaNo update, plus a fashion/clothing crisis

So, my NaNo novel is actually progressing at this point. If I hadn't gotten off to such a slow start, and spent an entire week not writing anything, I'd have a goodly amount of words. As it is, the count now stands at about 11,800 words.

Fortunately, the plot has picked up speed, and someone lab is about to be blown sky-high. Heheheheh.

Now for some whining:

My cousin Alicia is getting married in mid-December, and I'm meeting the rest of my family in Wheaton, IL (near Chicago) for the wedding.

Now, my mom's family are preachers, missionaries, and Idaho farmers (not joking). My cousin, however, is marrying into a Boston family with $$$. According to what I hear, the groom's side will probably be very well-dressed (thank goodness it's an afternoon wedding rather than a formal evening affair).

My mom and sisters have already pulled their outfits together, and I find myself in a quandry. I need something formal/fashionable enough that I won't make my cousin's side look frumpy, and yet there are other things I have to consider as well.

--Must be fashionable.
--Must not look casual; it has to be dressy, preferably elegant rather than trendy, because trendy doesn't look good on me.
--The wedding is near Chicago in the middle of December. I can't wear something lightweight or skimpy. I'll freeze to death.
--(As an aside to the 'skimpy': my family are all quite conservative Christians. Even if I wanted to, I should be careful not to dress in any way that might say "slut.")
--Yet, since I'm spending the money on this, it would be nice to buy an outfit that I *might* be able to wear again...even here in never-very-cold Southern California.
--That's another thing. I'm not broke at the moment, but I can't buy a $400 dress. Just, no.
--I have to consider shoes and jewelry, too. I may already have these items, but I'm not sure yet. Argh.

Add to this that I was raised thrifty. I literally cannot bring myself to buy something that doesn't meet these needs. *facepalm*

Advice? Anything? Help?

I hate, occasionally, that social life is so complicated. String theory, the working of nature and of stars, I love that stuff. It's fantastic. It's beautiful.

But the minutae of social convention (especially the national/global conspiracy known as fashion) drives me completely batty.
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