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NaNoWriMo '06

Well, that was rather anti-climactic. I finished out the month at 13,376, just under half of what I wrote last year. Storywise, the novel is about 2/3 complete, or so I would guess (and stands, total, at about 42,000 words).

First off, I learned that I can leave a complex storyline more or less alone for a year, and still pick it up where I left off. Heh. I was rather astonished at how easy it was.

My subconsious is good at subplotting. I had no idea what I was going to fill the next quarter of the book with, leading up to the climax, but I do now. I'm halfway there, or a little over. And it appears to be working itself out nicely.

Unless I deliberately choose writing over social engagements (which I feel are my duty to occasionally plan for, because if I love my solitude and writing so much, surely that's a sign that I should limit myself *facepalm*), I won't get anything done. Period. There is going to be a New Year's resolution about this (a three-eveningsa-week rule or something like that; I'm single, I can do this).

I may not do NaNo next year, unless I get struck with a brainwave for a new novel (I'm planning to finish this one piecemeal over the next couple of months). There's other writing I need to do. But we'll see, when next November nears.
Tags: nanowrimo, real life, writing

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