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Fashion insanity update

Last week sometime, I wrote a post about how much trouble I am having finding a dress or outfit to wear to my cousin's wedding in Chicago, two weeks from now. (Here's the post, if you didn't catch it.)

So I just spent 6 hours yesterday, and 6 hours today, following my more shopping-savvy roommate around Burbank and Glendale trying on clothes.

I think I've been in about 16 stores at this point. Well, maybe 10, anyway, long enough to try something on. No pants, really, because that feels to casual to me, even if they're dressy and fancy. So skirts, tops, dresses. Wraps and shawls and capes and scarves. Not shoes, that's for after I've actually got the dress/outfit.

Mostly in shades of brown, since it makes me look better than black (and brown seems to be "in" this year; it's everywhere, which never used to be the case). A couple of red dresses. Some beaded dresses and skirts which I just thought were beautiful.

Possibilites include:

--A knee-length, sleeveless red wool/acrylic dress from Banana Republic. Nice simple lines, but elegant and definitely looks good. Con: no sleeves in wintertime Chicago. I'd need a good warm wrap that wouldn't dress it down too much.

--A slightly tweedy brown skirt from a little botique near my house. Again, nice lines; warm; very me. Good low price, also. Con: haven't found a top that would go well, that isn't two or three times as expensive as the skirt. *boggles*

--A dress from Macy's: black (I'm not sure what you call the fabric) sheer, almost a fine mesh, over a champagne-colored lining. The lining makes the black lighter, and it's a really nice effect. I'd never usually consider a black dress, but I like this one. The neck is a deep V, but not immodest, with a rusched bodice, and the skirt falls to half-calf. With a proper wrap, I'd go for this, and it might be what I end up buying. Without a wrap or with something very light, I could certainly wear it to evening non-formal events here in LA (theatre, concert, dates). It looks really good on me, actually.

--And the I-want-but-can't-afford catagory, from a lovely little Italian store: A woolen sweater-dress, V-neck, long sleeves, dark brown, in three differet styles of weaving as you go down the skirt. It's floor length, but doesn't look ridiculously formal (not shiny); it's form-fitting (gorgeous on me, really gorgeous); it's WARM (omg, it's so comfy); I would totally wear it again, here in LA in the winter, or when I visit friends in colder climates; it's elegant, sexy, simple, and I love it. Also, there's a floor-length sweater with a furred hood that I tried on over it...the combination is brilliant. The con: $250, plus $65 for the over-sweater. Plus shoes. (The owner offered me a small discount, but it'd still be $260 for both.) WANT.

Anyway. I found a couple other very formal dresses which were awesome, but not for now. And a couple of shirts which again, I can't afford at the moment. I did realize that I look good in cowl necked shirts. Who knew?

So in all, I haven't bought anything yet, but there are possibilites. Also, I wish I was rich.

(And I realized I have no icons of any of my female fandom people in pretty outfits. Hmph. I need a "pretty girl" icon. Sydney Bristow, maybe. Or Janet or Sam from "2010.")
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