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Shamelessly stolen from kerravonsen

Various people have been doing memes like "4 things" and "true/false" and I've decided to combine them. What follows are groups of four things related to me; three of the things belong together, and one doesn't. So, the challenge is to guess which one doesn't belong.

ETA: Okay, I think everyone interested has guessed. I'm going in and bolding all the correct answers (the odds ones out), so you can check if you want to. :-) Thanks for playing!

Remember, pick out the one that doesn't belong! :-)

1. Churches I have attended regularly:
a) Vineyard Christian Fellowship
b) Bel Air Presbyterian
c) Parish of Saint George
d) River Valley Baptist

2. Traditional "Thanksgiving" dishes I enjoy:
a) Yams
b) green bean casserole
c) turkey
d) pumpkin pie

3. Books I had read by age 11:
a) The Hobbit
b) Little Women
c) Tale of Two Cities
d) Perelandra

4. Current TV shows I take care not to miss:
a) CSI
b) Bones
c) Numb3rs
d) Doctor Who

5. Books I wish I'd never bothered reading:
a) The DaVinci Code
b) The Subtle Knife
c) The Wheel of Time (anything after book 2)
d) The Demolished Man

6. People on my flist whom I met before I joined LJ:
a) whitemartyr
b) kerravonsen
c) kalquessa
d) jd3000

7. Colors I have proclaim as my favorite, at one time or another:
a) black
b) blue
c) pink
d) yellow

8. Fictional characters upon whom I have had a serious crush:
a) Johnny Smith (The Dead Zone)
b) Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)
c) Larry Fleinhardt (Numb3rs)
d) Colonel Jack O'Neill (Stargate)

Inane but fun. For me, anyway. Comments are screened to prolong the fun!
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