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The coincidence of "Sam"s

Recently, I became aware of an amusing coincidence: in three of my favorite fandoms, there is a character with the name (or nickname) of "Sam". So I decided to see if there were any similarities between said characters, and this list is what I came up with.

First, the three Sams:

Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings)--"Samwise" means "half-wise, simple," according to Tolkien

Samuel Beckett (Quantum Leap)--"Samuel" is Hebrew for "God has heard"

Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1)--"Samantha" is either a feminine form of Samuel, or is Aramaic for "listener"

And here are the lists of similarities and differences, though I'm not going to identify which Sams in each of these:

> Two are geniuses (in physics, no less)

> Two are sidekicks/support for the leader

> Two are male

> Two go on a long quest

> Two have moved back and forth in time

> Two recieved high honors for helping to save the world

> Two have exhibited personalities other than their own (I almost put "have been inhabited by," but you can't really say that about Beckett) ETA: JD reminded me that "Lee Harvey Oswald's personality basically inhabited Sam Beckett," so change this to > Two have been inhabited by personalities other than their own.

> Two have a girlfriend/wife at home, though their quests interfere with their romances

> Two work on top-secret government projects (all three, if you count the Council of Elrond as something similar *g*)

> And Samwise shares experience with both of the others--like Carter, he travels with a team for a while; and then like Beckett, he is part of a two-man team to save the world

Any other thoughts on the similarities between these Sams? Leave a comment!

ETA these thoughts from JD:

> All three are good, honest and true, and have faced innumberable adversities in their quest to advance the cause of good

> Two invariably refer to their companion as "sir"

> Two have flown experimental government aircraft
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